Chairman's Message

Benjamin Jacob


Being a child in today’s world is no easy task as children have immense access to information and resources, sometimes bordering on the edge of information overload. To process and assimilate such volumes of necessary and unnecessary information, It is of penultimate importance that child develop human skills such as the ability to reason and creativity. A child’s mind should be given enough space to grow and explore itself and it should not be bound by what others think it should do.

This is challenging as we live in an era where there are dedicated multimedia conglomerates that have made children their economic demographic targets.
It is my belief that the mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled and as such, it is important to create a learning environment wherein children not merely absorb information that is given to them but they are able to interpret the same and apply it to their surroundings and activities.
St. Stephen’s Global School was established with this singular view of providing the child a balanced learning environment inculcating educational curricula, experiential learning through field trips and learning through peers. This activity coupled with the unequivocal individual attention to children makes their development more wholesome.
The child is at the centre of ours and the parent’s universe and it is our belief that whatever we do should be oriented towards enriching the child’s life and aid him/her on their Journey towards Excellence.