Parent's Corner

Parent’s Corner

Following points need to be understood by every parent

  • Do keep in regular touch with the class teacher of your son/ daughter.
  • Be aware of your son/daughter’s academic progress especially attendance, internal assessment and marks in the examinations.
  • Be aware of your son/daughter’s monthly expenditure and mode of expenditure.
  • We may need to contact you sometimes urgently especially in case of accidents and emergency. Hence it is essential that any change in address, phone numbers and e-mail be informed promptly to the school.
  • Do not encourage your son/daughter to extend their holiday and stay at home when he/she visits the family during vacation. He/she may end up with attendance shortage.
  • Please keep us informed, if the student has a history of illness (physical or mental).
  • It is imperative that parents keep in regular touch with the institution officials especially in case of poor academic performers.
  • Students are not permitted to use mobile phones. The mobile shall be confiscated if any student is found to possess it.