School Fees

School Fees

Please note that we do  not  accept any donations for admission. If you ever come across someone asking for a donation for admission, please notify the school authorities immediately.

To find out about the fees, please visit the school office. It would be a reason for you to come over, and take a look at our campus too!

We plan the fees in such a way, that there are no “hidden” costs involved. The costs which may come up sometimes are entirely optional. The fees include everything except transport and uniform. Again, request you to please visit the school office for finding out details about this

Month (fee is to be paid)  Months for which fee is to be paid

April April, May, June
July July, August, September
October October, November, December
January January, February, March

Monthly tuition fee should be paid by the 15th of the beginning of every quarter of the year. If 15th falls on a holiday, the next working day will be the last day for the collection of the fee.
Late fee charges would be imposed on the payment made after the due date.

A late fine of Rs. 100/- per month, will be charged for paying the fee late.If the fee falls into arrears for more than a month, the child’s name may be struck off from the school’s roll. In this case, student has to seek re-admission and fee would be charged accordingly.

If a student seeks to leave the school for any reason, a notice of withdrawal, at least a month in advance, will have to be submitted failing which he/she will be required to deposit one month’s tuition fee and other relevant charges.

A student seeking admission during mid-session will have to pay admission fee, tuition fee from the month of April onwards and conveyance fee from the current month onwards. Fee-payment timings are 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon between 1st to 15th day of every quarter i.e. April, July, October, January.